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External Weather Protection

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Weather Protection

Galebreaker’s clip-on mesh screens and door systems give excellent protection even in the most extreme weather conditions. They also offer ventilation and light transmission so helping to provide a light airy environment within the building.

A wide range of colours and meshes are available to suit your particular requirements to help make working environments more comfortable, safe and productive.

All clip-on screens are self-tensioning, quick to install and still allow access where required.

Wind Protection

Galebreaker’s external mesh screens and larger doors can be fitted to protect loading bays, storage buildings or factories and can provide access with up to a 20 metre clear span.

Rolling, folding or sliding systems can be fitted to your building, reducing wind speeds and offering optimum weather protection whilst maintaining a light and airy working environment.

Dust Protection

Galebreaker fabric shields can be made with different permeability to match the specific requirement of the customer.

Varying semi-solid or completely solid materials can dramatically reduce or stop dust and particles from entering designated areas.Sawmills, coal plants, power stations, local councils and grain handling depots are just some of the industries that often have dust and debris problems with nearby residential areas.

Our weather proof, rot proof, tear proof and UV protected materials are often the perfect solution for all concerned.

Debris Protection

Our larger mesh products are often installed to slow wind and stop litter from entering specific areas.

Composting facilities, recycling plants, councils, and waste management businesses have all found superb benefits from using these Galebreaker materials.

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External Weather Protection Applications

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