Internal Partitioning

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Dust & Fume Control

Galebreaker Flexipart is an innovative internal partitioning system for factories and warehouses. It can contain dust and fumes in pre-designated areas, preventing contamination and reducing health hazards to operatives.

A sealed environment is easily created when the unique ‘V’ jointing system is used. Access is maintained with our flexible doors and access solutions.

Heat Saving

Galebreaker’s internal products can save heating costs by reducing energy wastage in line with the Climate Control Levy, and can be installed to create controlled storage environments within your building.

Built-in door systems are available to maintain access whilst still containing heat. In addition, internal energy booths can be installed inside external doorways to reduce heat loss further.


Galebreaker’s adaptability facilitates the segregation of areas in or outside any building for specific tasks.Internal Partitioning can be used to prevent cross contamination within stores.

Food Safe

Food Safe materials can be used to separate different food processing lines; external weather screens and doors can create sealed-off areas or protect existing buildings for specific or legislative requirements.


As a step up from our standard partitioning materials, we have firewall fabrics to suit specific internal environments where the risk of fire hazard to personnel and materials is substantial.

Made from silicon coated glass cloths, these special fabrics are designed to withstand temperatures of 1000 degrees centigrade for up to two hours – see our case study section. These composite cavity fire barrier fabrics can be sandwiched with thin strips of aluminium giving the product combined fire integrity and insulation for up to 38 minutes. All these materials meet Class “O” building regulations and are subject to stringent British Standard testing.

Acoustic & Thermal

Galebreaker Industrial’s Acoustic & Thermal range incorporates a specially designed combination of fire retardant materials offering up to 17dB reduction of high frequency sounds.

The material also has excellent insulation properties with a thermal resistance measurement of 4W/m2K, making it an ideal partitioning system where temperatures need to be maintained. Designed to meet current legislation and control noise within factory areas, the material is completely sealed to the existing building structure for maximum performance

Flexipart Partition
Flexipart Applications

Factory and warehouse partitions. Galebreaker Flexipart flexible partitioning systems deliver internal heat control, draught control, factory firewalls, dust and fume control, acoustic partitioning, factory and warehouse division. Made to measure reinforced material partition walls can provide temporary, moveable or permanent dividers. Ideal for creating hygiene control areas.